This is not a pep rally

We’re NOT all superstars

We face “first impression” challenges that are deeply rooted in millennial history. You’re in for a look at why selling and sales people have such a bad image historically… supported by academic research.

This is a REALity check…
REAL unspoken challenges we all face in business…
REAL perspective on why we cannot overcome these challenges…
REAL tools to embrace and execute change immediately.


“John is a brilliant speaker. Unlike some speakers who speak in theoretical
terms, John speaks from down to earth real world knowledge and examples, that
can only come from experience and observation. He is also guaranteed to

Doug Palubiski
President / CEO
Just Fix It

“Outstanding… highly relevant and expertly delivered with passion, enthusiasm and fun!!!”

Brian Hopkins
Vice president,
Flanagan Foodservice

“engaging and fun from start to finish”

Dustin Parkes
Getting Blanked,
The Score

“Understanding the deeply rooted and centuries old history of the image of salespeople gave me new perspective on the challenges I face daily. After John’s talk I felt more confident instantly and saw financial results in the first month”

Miranda McGuire
Sales Associate,
HUH Boutique

“Passionate about what he does!
John is an expert on the use of networking (building relationships) to maintain
and grow businesses.”

Dave Potje
Twin City Dwyer

“Simply put… John’s presentation skills are awesome!”

Richard Maass
Peerless Turfcare

“John clearly has spent time in the field and understands the complexities of
the salesperson/customer relationship. He delivers practical, actionable advice
in an enthusiastic, entertaining manner which makes the information easy and
fun to absorb and apply.”

Dr. T. Tim Nadasdi
Mobile Exxon
Global Industrial Technical Advisor

“Insightful-articulate-thought provoking.
I always learn something when I hear John speak.”

Paul Drouillard
President / CEO
Drouillard and Company Professional Corporation
Certified General Accountants

“With passion and energy John has the unique ability to not only engage but to
captivate his audience. He synergizes the perfect blend of education and

Brian Cressman
Vancea Financial Group

“John Does is as dynamic and engaging as he is successful !”

Dave Kohler
School of Business and Hospitality, Conestoga College

“I have known John for a number of years, and listened to him speak on a number
of topics. John is a Professional, does his research, is very knowledgeable, well spoken,
and eloquent in his presentations.”

Ian Inglis, Broker
Re/Max Solid Gold Realty (II) Ltd.

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