A Play on Words

A Play on Words is a lively, knee-slapping romp through the inherent vagaries of the English language. Readers can let the book drop open at any page and find an invitation to appreciate the absurdities with which real life is packed and to enjoy a giggle from John Does’ clever take on them.

Wacky, language-twisting commentary on his observations flips into John’s brain at random. He started to make use of this clutter in 2015 by writing down his favourites, which were eagerly embraced by several local magazines.

John, who has an MBA from the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor and a PhD from the University of the West of England, incorporates his unique sense of humour into keynote speaking engagements on the topic of his doctoral thesis: “Exploring the Salesmanship/Entrepreneurship Dynamic.”

John is an avid reader and a devotedly frustrated golfer. He lives on a few country acres near Plattsville, Ontario, with his wife, Annette, and daughters, Samantha and Olivia.

John Does