The Weather’s Shitty, Kitty

The Weather's Shitty, Kitty

Children absorb information and language like little sponges, sometimes faster than they can handle and with no real understanding of what the words mean. But that doesn’t stop them from parroting our words back at us. So, what do we do when our cute little angels hear, or use, words that are inappropriate?

Ideally, we talk to them about it, but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where The Weather’s Shitty, Kitty ? the first in a series of “conversation starter” books ? comes in.

When Little Kitty hears her father say a “bad word” after hitting his paw with a hammer, she is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to think about it. Can a word actually be “good” or “bad”? Or is it just a word? Luckily, she feels safe talking to her parents about tricky subjects. Dr. Does warmly explores these interesting concepts though the eyes of an adorable family of kitties.

John, who has an MBA from the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor and a PhD from the University of the West of England, incorporates his unique sense of humour into keynote speaking engagements on the topic of his doctoral thesis: “Exploring the Salesmanship/Entrepreneurship Dynamic.”

John is an avid reader and a devotedly frustrated golfer. He lives on a few country acres near Plattsville, Ontario, with his wife, Annette, and daughters, Samantha and Olivia.

John Does